Salvation Army Valuation Guide
Ever wonder how much to value your non-cash charitable donations such as clothing, equipment, tools, and furniture. Use this as a guideline.
Form W9, Request For Taxpayer Identification Number And Certification
If you have a contractor, it is important to get a W9 form from each contractor. In fact, we recommend as a best practice to have this form completed before your first payment is made to your contractor.
Contractor Vs Employee
Review this checklist to determine if you have an employee or a contractor. These two different types of workers are treated very differently when it comes to taxes and legal reporting requirements.
IRS Deductible Business Mileage Chart
A good chart to show what business miles are deductible.
In-Home Office Worksheet
Use this form to track the deductible portion of your in-home office. This can get confusing, so please contact us and we will be glad to walk you through it.
General Schedule C Business Expenses
Use this to track your business income and expenses. This is not an all-inclusive form, but a very good general format for tracking income and expenses.
Rental Property Income & Expenses
Use this to track income and expenses for your rental properties. Please use one for each property and do not combine properties.
Trucking Professional Expenses
A general list of common trucking professional expenses.
Real Estate Professional Expenses
A general list of common real estate professional expenses.
General Personal Tax Organizer
Use this as a guideline to help you through preparing your tax workpapers. Not all items may apply to you, but this will serve as a great way to stay organized.
Basic Pricing & Rates (Under Construction)
We want to share with you our basic outline of prices so that there will be no surprises. If you would like a quote tailored to your specific situation, please contact us. Our rates and fees are below regional price averages while maintaining a high level of staff expertise and customer service.